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Q. What can I do to help support this endeavor? The SIS Steering Committee welcomes the support, participation and input of all Oregon school districts looking for a replacement student information system. If you would like to participate further such as coordinating a regional forum for gathering additional input or hosting a demonstration site, please contact Blair Loudat at bloudat@gmail.com. If you want to just stay informed of the process please take a few minutes to subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.oregonsis.org. Q. How is the Oregon SIS project director position funded? District and ESD IT managers from across the State determined the task of identifying our future student information system required a focused and dedicated resource. Because eSIS districts have worked collaboratively together for many years to fund shared development of eSIS, it was decided the same model would be used to fund this resource. Additionally, it is anticipated that other districts will actively participate in this endeavor further reducing the financial burden on any one district or ESD. Blair Loudat, a retired technology director from North Clackamas School District was chosen to lead the project. Q. What is the role of the SIS project director? For the first phase of this project, the role of the project director is to:
  1. To assure that as many stakeholder voices as possible are reflected in the development of requirements and priorities.
  2. To organize the development of a document that could be used to evaluate student systems and application hosting services.
  3. To coordinate and manage the discovery and fit analysis process with Pearson PowerSchool.
  4. To ensure the decision process, product selection, contract terms, state reporting functionality, etc. are coordinated with the Oregon Department of Education and legislative initiatives.
  5. To communicate recommendations to the consortium membership.
Q. What is the role and description of the SIS Work Team? The SIS Work Team is a representative group of project managers and technical experts from across the eSIS Consortium that are intimately familiar with the technical and end-user functions of the eSIS system. The Work Team also includes staff members from Salem-Keizer School District, Umatilla Morrow and Malheur ESDs. This group includes representatives from the state reporting group, special education group, and other specialized areas of eSIS. The role of the SIS Work Team will be to identify the functional and technical specification of eSIS along with any additional requirements necessary for a replacement SIS. This group will take part in the market research efforts identified by the Steering Committee and will help to develop the requirements for an RFP for a replacement system should an RFP be necessary.